Free Homework Help: How to Beat Procrastination Once and For All


It’s no secret that academic success, at any level, depends largely on one’s ability to overcome procrastination. This means getting your assignments completed on time and possibly days ahead of time. But this seems much easier than it actually is. So here are some great ideas for beating procrastination and get your finance homework help once and for all :

Know the Consequences

Take a look at what you are procrastinating that is causing you stress, taking away your time and keeping you from being at the head of the class? If you aren’t getting the high marks you deserve and desire, or are missing out on great academic opportunities, then it’s time take a look at the habits you could be changing to stop delaying.

Take Inventory of Your Excuses

Do you know the kinds of excuses you make when you procrastinate? Do you say things like “I work my best when I’m under pressure” or “I can write this essay in just a single draft”? Take note of what excuses you make and start calling them that – don’t think of them as comforts. It’s time to quiet that little voice and start taking action.

Take Control of Your Homework

A common misconception among students is that by putting their assignments off until the last day, they are actually in control of their work. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you procrastinate you have very little control of your timeline or grade you will receive. Time to step it up.

Break Down Your Assignments

When getting into task management don’t use terms like “write paper” or “read Anna Karenina”. This is the worst possible way of managing your tasks. You must break down your assignments into smaller tasks that you can manage easily. Instead of “write paper” use small tasks like “read articles” “draft outline” “write first draft” etc. to take control of your work.

Set a Schedule Devoted to Study


Locate a good spot in a study center or library to get your work done. Use time in between classes to go and get some work done. It’s important you set up a schedule for each day of the week and that you review it every morning. Fight the urge to change up your routine. It’ll be much harder to get back into your good study habits.

Stay Motivated Throughout

Both time management and breaking down your tasks is very important, but another challenge is equally as important: staying motivated. Write out both your short and long-term goals for you academic life (and professional if you have thought out ahead) and carry them with you. Remind yourself of these goals when start finding your momentum slowing down.

Be Accountable

If you find that you are having trouble staying on track, get a mentor or a friend to hold you accountable each time you miss an assignment, fall out of your schedule or anything else that might lead you back to a life of procrastination. Ask them to follow up with you constantly and encourage them to offer advice whenever you seem to need it.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself


Don’t get disappointed when you get off track. Just focus on what needs to be done to get back on track and get to it. Being hard on yourself doesn’t work and often serves to contrarily deflate your motivation further. Figure out what went wrong and fix the problem.

Take It One Day at Time

Remember that procrastination is a bad habit; and with all bad habits it takes a while to overcome it in an effective manner. For some it could take a few days for others it could take a few weeks. Just stay on top of your plan and good things will come.


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