14 Useful Ideas For Spelling Practice Homework Activities

Advices for kids

After learning the alphabet, a child starts to learn how to spell words. This is the beginning and there is no end to this spelling practice. You will learn new words as you grow up, and you will have to learn their spelling. However, for a kid, it is very difficult to catch new words and learn how to spell them from the sound only. Thus, kids need lots of practice for their spelling. They can have this practice in class or through homework.

There are special practices when you do spelling as a part of kids’ homework. You can start with some exercises like trying to spell numbers, colors etc. Then you can proceed to spell days, years, months etc. After you get the basic idea, you can proceed to patterns.

  • Letter patterns that occur in the middle, like –ight- words, -ui- words etc.
  • Latter patterns that occur at the end, like –ary words, -ery words etc.
  • Learn how to spell plurals of words. For some words, however, the singular and plural sound completely different, and thus spelling them can be difficult.
  • Homophones are similar sounding words, like their and there. It is important to how to spell these words.

These are very easy homework. It is instrumental to help amateur spellers to understand the basics of spelling. When you try to spell a bit difficult words, then you need to find other homework practices.

Advanced spelling practice homework

If you have no problem in spelling words that you come across in your day-to-day life, then you can move on to advanced spelling practices. Here you can start deriving the spellings from knowing how the word sounds or where the word comes from. This is a skill that you have to develop through regular practice and practice only. You might have seen such skills in contests like the spelling bee. That comes from a lot of hard work and some well-designed homework.

You can start with some intermediate exercises and move on to tougher problems like

  • Start with prefixes. Try and spell words that have common prefixes. Then try and add prefixes to words you know.
  • You can repeat the same exercise with suffixes as well.
  • Spell irregular words and words that do not sound anything like their spelling.
  • You can also add silent words to this list of spelling practice homework.

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