How To Do Your Homework Without Getting Distracted: 5 Effective Tips

Students are not fans of homework, so they welcome the opportunity to be distracted. While a good distraction can be fun, it does make homework completion time take longer. Instead of getting distracted by electronic devices, friends, or food, here are some tips to help you get your homework completed efficiently:

  1. Keep your electronics out of your homework space. Since electronic devices cause the most distraction, leave them in a different room, if you can. Students use the excuse that they need to be able to use their devices in an emergency, but in most cases, there are plenty of other ways to be reached in emergency situations.
  2. Get the food you need and no more. If you know that you enjoy snacking on marathon homework sessions, load your homework space with the snacks you usually crave. While snacking might not do anything to whittle a waistline, it can be helpful to keep you focused on completing your homework. If you have to leave the room to get your snacks, you can then look for other distractions as soon as you step away from the assignments.
  3. Choose a space that will work for you. Your workspace should be in a place where you can stay focused. Even though students think they can multitask and get work done with the television on or with friends and family in the room, multitasking is an illusion that does not work. All multitasking means is that you are not fully focused on anything at all. You might need to work in a library or coffee shop simply because it is not at your home.
  4. Have everything you need before you start working. If you forget something, you will have to get it and this can cause another unnecessary distraction. Load up the space with the necessary writing instruments, paper, light, and other items. The more you can prepare, then faster you will get your work completed.
  5. Give yourself timed breaks. Another useful item to have in your work space is a timer. This way you can see give yourself a set time to work and a set time to take a break. When you do give yourself a break, set the time so you do not overextend your time away from your assignments. You can do whatever you need to do during those breaks, but do not extend them past five minutes or you might have difficulty getting back to work.

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