How To Do Homework For Long Periods Of Time: Expert Advice

In our generation of immense competition, it is no surprise that students constantly face the struggle of coping with the load of homework and assignments that are given to them in school or college. However, with the right schedule and work ethic, this is not an unsurmountable task.

How to concentrate on completing assignments over a long time

  • With the increase in pressure in schools, it is necessary for a student to spend long periods of time over their assignments. Not only to complete all the given work but to also do it well.
  • This can seem like a grueling task and many students suffer from depression or anxiety as a result of this. However, what students really need in order to cope with the pressure is an organized way of dealing with it. Firstly, students should have a detailed work schedule set up for every day of the week. By having this schedule and keeping it displayed in their rooms at all times - it will act as a motivation and reminder of the daily goal that needs to be achieved.
  • Following this schedule should also include ticking off the milestones that the student achieves, every hour or every two hours. So for every milestone or part of the assignment that is completed, there should be a systematic way of marking it off the schedule and a tiny reward at the end of it.
  • This reward can be anything that suits the student. From a fifteen minute walk around the block to freshen up the senses, to listening to a song or even playing a quick computer game. It will be a constant motivation for the student to keep achieving the milestones and to give the brain a break from having to concentrate on the assignment.
  • It is also important to do homework in an environment that is free from distraction if you want to sustain your concentration on the assignment for a long period of time. The student should be in a room or section of the house that is free from as much noise as possible and other people.

Another great idea is to study in groups. This however is a tactic that is suitable for some students but not suitable for all. Use the tips above to keep your concentration levels high during a long night of working on assignments.


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