5 Creative Ideas For Developing Elementary School Maths Homework Games

In elementary school, maths can be difficult for many students. If your son or daughter is struggling, they probably just need something fun to associate with their homework to make things easier to remember. Often, school is boring or too hard for elementary school students at this age, and they lose motivation for doing the work outside of their parents making them do it. If you want to figure out a way to help your child and make it more pleasant to do, keep reading.

The key here is to take the concepts your child is trying to learn and find a way to make them easier to remember. This will depend on what exactly is being taught in his or her class, but here are some ideas you can use for general maths projects.

Tips for homework games in elementary school maths

Try one or more of these ideas:

  1. There are many sites that have games such as timing you as you multiply as many equations as you can within the time limit and trying to beat your own scores
  2. Even without a site like that, you can use a timer at home and write out some questions for your child such as fractions or integers and use a kitchen timer or smart phone to get them doing math under a little pressure, with a possible reward for doing the game
  3. Make flash cards with math problems on them, and have your child shuffle the cards and choose their own to do. You can put a combination of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication together or have separate decks of flash cards for each one.
  4. Team up with other moms and elementary school students your child’s age to do things like finding the common denominator in fractions, telling whether a number is prime or not, and having a little friendly competition
  5. For geometry, you can use objects your child enjoys to help him or her remember how to calculate volume by measuring the length, width and height of their sandbox or the surface area of their bed

When you are thinking of helping your son or daughter with maths assignments, the ideas above are all good ways you can do that. Having your child lead the learning and discussions about maths lets them be more involved and interested.


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