Useful Homework Tips For Parents: How To Make Your Child Do Assignments In Time

As a parent, it is only natural if you worry about your children’s homework and constantly on the look-out on how to help them. Listed below are helpful tips on ensuring that your children do their assignments on time. They include:

  • Let them know you value education: Let your children know that you hold education in high esteem and as such, their assignments are very important to you. When they know how you feel about their education, they will be motivated to always do their assignments and on time too. The same thing applies to any other adult that watches over them when you are not there.
  • Set aside a regular time: This is another tip that has helped a lot of parents in improving the way their children do their homework. The time you choose should be such that favors everybody in the family. For instance, the children’s age, individual needs and your time schedule should be put into consideration as you make a choice of suitable time for their assignments.
  • Pick a good place: A place where your children study should be comfortable for them. This includes having adequate lighting, clean environment and also be fairly quiet for learning. This is especially important if there is a particular room for such activity. For those homes with limited space, having a desk in one corner of the children’s room or a corner of the living room works just fine.
  • Do away with distractions: Some of the distractions as your children do their homework include television and video games. Even social telephone calls should not be allowed during that period. If your child is more comfortable with quiet background music, you can allow that but it is a big NO to loud music as they do their assignments.
  • Keep needed supplies on hand: Their pencils, erasers, pens, assignment book, writing paper, dictionary, glue/stapler, clips, calculator, pencil sharpener, maps, tape, ruler, index cards and almanacs should all be where they can easily be reached.
  • Be available: For the younger children, they would always prefer to have an adult close to them as they do their assignment. It makes it easier for them to ask questions where they are confused. So, if you are not going to be available, make sure that the adult that will be there knows what to do to help them out.
  • Compliment them: Yes, give them the much needed boost by complimenting their efforts as they do their homework. You can even reward them with special treats.

With these and more, your children would always look forward to doing their assignments. Good luck with them.


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