Effective Physics Homework Solutions: Hints For Diligent Students

Physics, like most sciences, often presents multiple obstacles for the beginner. Many problems in physics can have counter intuitive solutions and as a result, many inexperienced students have trouble finding the answers to their homework questions. Here are some tips for finding solutions and help to your physics homework problems;

  1. Review the text book
  2. Most textbooks in use by your class or school will already have most of the answers in them. They may however be in the form of a different example or experiment and care is needed to discern similarities between your particular example and the concept shown in the text. Careful reading and study of information is a requirement of any science.

  3. Design an experiment
  4. Most physics problems will involve phenomena that can be produced in a lab or even at home. In these cases it may be possible to design a crude experiment that depicts the particular problem which will further help to visualize the issue.

  5. View Past Experiments
  6. If you can’t design an experiment, one has the option of doing an online search to find past experiments done by other students. Visualizing a problem in physics can go a long way in understanding it.

  7. Online Media
  8. There are many companies online that are specifically geared towards educating the general public in physics. Physics has many enthusiasts who create graphical and informative videos and put them online for free streaming. These can prove quite useful since the videos are formatted for anyone to understand therefore you should have no trouble grasping the concepts discussed.

  9. Physics forums
  10. Many enthusiast may not want to start a company to teach physics, but they do want to discuss physics at length. These enthusiasts often come together on various online forums to discuss physics problems or riddles and may be a great community to join if you are a physics students. One will be exposed to many high level concepts as well as simple ones so these forums may offer great assistance as well as interaction with other students of physics.

  11. Online Schools
  12. Many companies have emerged as a result of online media. It is easily accessible to anyone with an easy search using any search engine.

  13. Different Textbooks
  14. Various textbooks focus more in one subject area than others. Using a different text can give more detailed insight into different topics and this may be of great assistance to a student.


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