Who Can Provide Me With Good Literacy Homework Ideas

If you have a literacy homework project to do, there are various places that can provide you with some ideas. Here are some great suggestions on how to locate such things!

Have you missed something?

Let’s start with the obvious: has your teacher perhaps given you a handout suggesting places to find ideas? It’s likely that they will have already pointed you in the right direction, so make sure you haven’t missed anything. Don’t be afraid to have a chat with your teacher if you’re uncertain or if need more guidance.

Try books!

The next most obvious place to look is in your course books. Also consult books in your campus and public libraries as well.

Get help from the past!

In your campus library you will find plenty of past student essays to peruse. Have a good look through these to help inspire you.

Do you need a professional?

Perhaps you seek more professional advice. Have a look through books and academic magazines to see if you can find a respected author highlighting the topic you’re studying. You will be able to find these in your campus and public libraries. Again- don’t be afraid to ask. Librarians will be only too pleased to assist. You may also be able to find articles by renowned writers on the internet.

Get yourself online.

Online, you will find an abundance of great ideas to help you. Use the web to search for your topic in the way you would anything else. There will be plenty of sites which offer topic ideas, resources and information. Having said that, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when surfing the net, simply because of the huge amount of sites there are. It may be best to search for a list of appropriate and good sites first. You could also look on student social network sites to see if any advice has been posted, or you could post your own question- it won’t be long before it’s answered!

Have you asked anybody else?

What are your fellow students doing for their assignments? It’s always worth discussing things with your peers.

It’s also worth chatting things through with your parents, or a sibling. You might be surprised at the suggestions they can offer. Even if they can’t advise you, once you’ve offloaded your thoughts to somebody else, it just might be easier to see a new avenue or solution yourself. It’s always worth talking things through.


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