How To Do Homework Without Procrastinating: Useful Tips For Lazy Students

Doing homework without procrastinating can be especially challenging for students who are lazy. No matter what sort of study habits you might try if you have a hard time getting started because of a lack of energy you’re going to push back your assignment and have trouble keeping up in class. Here are some useful tips to help you start without procrastinating:

Create a Work Plan and Schedule

At the beginning of each week it’s important you take a look at all of your assignments to help develop a schedule. Consider outside responsibilities that could get in the way of completing your work. Estimate how long it will take you to finish your homework and take note of what tasks need to be completed first.

Spread Your Work Through the Week

Don’t try to get all of your assignments done in the last minute. Part of what you want to accomplish by developing your work plan and schedule is to spread out your tasks throughout the week so that you can even out your workload. It’s much easier to tackle your assignments when you know that you should only need to spend one or two hours each night, instead of thinking that you need to spend six hours working on a paper that’s due the following day.

Get Rid of All Distractions

Experts believe that we subconsciously place distracting items around us when we work in order to find any excuse to stop working. Take a look at the electronics around you and you might find this to be true. Power-down your cell phone, television, radio and internet. The only exception is if you can do your homework listening to music without getting distracted or if you need to get online to do research. Otherwise, get rid of whatever distractions are keeping you from getting started.

Check Off Tasks as You Complete Them

A really great motivational trick is to create a list of all the tasks you need to complete each night and to check them off as you finish each one. Set small goals for yourself. For instance, you can set a goal to check off three tasks before you’re allowed a reward, such as a short break. You’ll find yourself working through any hurdles in order to get to that time off.

Prepare Yourself With Snacks

One of the biggest distractions for lazy students is hunger. This happens a lot if one doesn’t eat a full meal before starting work or if they don’t prep themselves by having some snacks ready. Take some small but healthy bites to your workspace to prevent you from running out of energy and getting the urge to wander away looking for something to eat.


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