What If I Have No Time To Do Homework: Solid Advice

With today’s rigorous academic classes, there is a lot of nightly work given on a regular basis. This work can be overwhelming when added to family, community, and extra-curricular activities. Additionally, if you belong to school clubs, you schedule is jammed tight. If you feel you have no time to do your homework, consider our solid advice for helping you to locate some time and some help.

Solid Advice

  • Work on the way to and from school if you are driven-if you ride the bus or a family or friend member drives you to school, you have valuable study time on your hands. Because writing may be problematic, use this found time for study review for evaluations.
  • Work at the end of class time and right before the teacher begins-right before the teacher begins class and at the end of class are valuable minutes. Use this solid advice and begin to fill those minutes with homework.
  • Consider hiring a homework tutor-there are tutors who will assist you with your nightly assignments. They will show you organizational skills, move you through your work with the proper tools, and help to keep you on tasks. They are not cheap and you will pay a minimum of 25.00 an hour for their services. If they are not located near your home, you may want to skip this piece of advice. Some schools have wised up and now have these tutors located on campus.
  • Have a dedicated work space-you need a dedicated workspace. If you are working on your bed or your kitchen table, you could lose valuable time setting up and taking down your school materials. Make a study area in your room.
  • Form a peer homework group-talk to your friends about forming a peer study group. Work that is shared and done through collaboration will be better and completed quicker.
  • Take a study hall-if you have the right to pick your schedule, opt for the study hall class. That one extra hour of time for tasks can free up a lot of time in your day. Even if you only have a two or three day a week study hall rotation, it will still help you out with your nightly assignments.

If you are stressed about locating time to do your nightly assignments, use our solid advice. You can use some of all of our recommendations to help you with this distressing situation.


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